Ottawa County Honors Deputy for Customer Service

Shane RykePolice officers are often lauded as everyday heroes, protecting lives day in and day out. On occasions, however, it is the small unexpected acts of kindness which catch the eyes of residents. Simple acts earned Ottawa County’s Deputy Shane Ryke the quarterly Outstanding Customer Service Award. This is the 11th award since the County implemented its customer service initiative in 2012.

“Deputy Shane Ryke takes great pride in serving others and provides a high level of customer service. Deputy Ryke, in many instances, goes above and beyond to help others through difficult times. Deputy Ryke’s compassion and understanding for others are the Ottawa County Way, ” said Sgt. Dennis Luce.

An individual who nominated Ryke wrote:

“Yesterday was my daughter’s fourth birthday we went to catch air to celebrate. On the way home to Muskegon we had a tire blowout. We were on the side of the highway for about two hours while my dad came to help and go get a new tire for us. While waiting Deputy Shane Ryke stopped to help and stayed to make sure we were safe because it was the driver side tire. While talking he learned it was my daughter’s birthday he had a stuffed animal in his cruiser and gave it to her. I just wanted to share because it helped turn a bad situation into a pleasant one. Thank you Deputy Ryke!

Read a second nomination of Deputy Ryke and more at

Ottawa County employees are trained to present a friendly, professional demeanor treating customers with integrity and respect. Customers can nominate an Ottawa County employee for an Outstanding Customer Service award at

Customer Service is one of the County’s Four C’s, along with Communication, Cultural Intelligence and Creativity. Access county services and learn more at, or @miOttawa on twitter.