Abortion Confirmed as Cause of Death of Cree Erwin

Cree Erwin’s autopsy report from the Calhoun County Medical Examiner has been obtained by prolife citizen journalists. The heavily-redacted report confirms that Cree Erwin’s death on July 4, 2016, was caused by an abortion several days prior.

Read the autopsy report, courtesy of Lynn Mills and Operation Rescue.

Based on additional research it was discovered that Erwin had her abortion at the Kalamazoo Planned Parenthood facility on June 30, 2016. According to the police report she was taken to Bronson Battle Creek Hospital the evening of July 2 after complaining of abdominal pain and was discharged after midnight. She was discovered unresponsive in bed at her mother’s home in the early morning hours of July 4, and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing said, “Abortion is always dangerous for the unborn child, but can also be for the woman. Cree Erwin’s death leaves behind her one-year-old son and an intensely grieving family. We long suspected that abortion contributed to her death, and now we can finally confirm it.”

The Calhoun County medical examiner found that Erwin died of a blood clot in her uterus that traveled to her lung. The immediate cause of the blood clot was a perforated uterus following a vacuum aspiration abortion and IUD placement. Uterine perforations are a potential complication of both abortions and IUD insertions.

Erwin’s death certificate now officially lists the cause of death as: “complications of intrauterine pregnancy, including pulmonary emboli related to uterine vein thrombosis and uterine perforation status post early vacuum aspiration and intrauterine contraceptive device placement.”

The relevant autopsy report sections pertaining to the uterine perforation are heavily redacted. The autopsy describes the perforation happening “post” Erwin’s abortion, rather than simply during it. It also mentioned methadone use (an opioid painkiller) contributed to her death.

The redacted autopsy report still leaves many important unanswered questions, including whether the Planned Parenthood staff acted negligently. Our hope is additional details will be available soon.

Planned Parenthood of Michigan has yet to issue a statement on the matter.

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