Fruitport Township Board: Meeting Minutes – May 8, 2017


A work session of the Fruitport Charter Township Board began at 6:30pm on Monday, May 8, 2017, in the township board room.

Members Present: Heidi Tice, Supervisor; Andrea Anderson, clerk; Rose Dillon, Treasurer; Trustees Ron Becklin, Greg Hulka, Jeff Jacobs, and Denise Winebarger. Members Absent: none

At 7:02pm, Heidi Tice opened the regular meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a prayer.

Also Present: 3– residents, 2 – employees, 1- guests, Director of Public Safety, Brian Michelli, and Director of Public Utilities, Ron Langlois.

The motion by Ron Becklin, supported by Rose Dillon, was carried unanimously, to approve the minutes of April 24, 2017 as presented.

The motion by Rose Dillon, supported by Jeff Jacobs, was carried unanimously, to approve the agenda as presented, with the following addition:

ADD: Allow Lt. Andy Fias from WMET to speak at the beginning of the meeting on the topic of a growing drug problem and its link to retail theft.


Lt. Andy Fias is the Section Commander with WMET. He reported that Fruitport Township is seeing an increase in drug trafficking, 11 incidents so far this year and 41 in the past 3 years. He also mentioned that approximately 80% of retail theft is drug related. He briefed the Board on the timelines and costs that would incur should the Township be interested in adding an Officer to the WMET team.


  1. 1)  Michigan Townships Association legislative updates of April 28, 2017.
  2. 2)  Ron Langlois reported that the Vandenberg and Summit water main project has 1800 feet of main line inthe ground that is undergoing hydrostatic testing.
  3. 3)  Brian Michelli reported that from January to April, Heroin overdoses are on the rise. Local Med-controlhas set guidelines for first responders to administer opioid reversing medication.


17-060 Adoption- Zone Change at 3350, 3254, & 3357 E Broadway Ave, Muskegon, MI
Jeff Jacobs moved, Rose Dillon seconded, MOTION CARRIED, to amend the Township’s zoning map by changing the zoning classification from M-1 Commercial-Industrial Park to R-1 Residential District for parcel numbers 61-15- 101-100-0001-00 (vacant land on E Broadway), 61-15-101-100-0002-00(vacant land on E Broadway Ave), 61-15- 101-100-0003-00 (commonly known as 3350 E Broadway Ave), 61-15-101-100-0004-00 (commonly known as 3354 E Broadway), and 61-15-101-100-0008-00 (commonly known as 3357 E Broadway) as recommended by the Planning Commission.

At a public hearing on April 18, 2017, the Planning Commission gave the following reason supporting the zone change:

1. Fits the Master Plan that calls for this area to become residential zoning This constitutes the second and final reading of Amendment Ordinance No. 802. Ayes: Becklin, Jacobs, Anderson, Tice, Dillon, Winebarger, Hulka Nays: None

17-061 Update and Discussion on IT RFP’s

The Board requested further information on how many hours of IT service did we use last year, how much was spent on IT service last year, and how much is budgeted for this year.

Interviews and discussions with IT providers will take place on Friday, May 12, 2017.


17-062 Muskegon Area Smart Commute Week
Ron Becklin moved, supported by Rose Dillon, MOTION CARRIED, to adopt the resolution in which Fruitport Charter Township proclaims June 12-16, 2017 as Muskegon Area Smart Commute Week, encouraging citizens to bike, walk, carpool, and use public transportation rather than driving single occupant vehicles.

Ayes: Becklin, Jacobs, Anderson, Tice, Dillon, Winebarger, Hulka Nays: None

17-063 Discussion of Contracted Services; Police Department

Public Safety Director, Brian Michelli, stated that Jeff Whelan is ready to move into the contracted roll of Deputy Chief for Fruitport Township Police Department. This position was budgeted for FY 2017-2018.

Ron Becklin moved, supported by Rose Dillon, MOTION CARRIED, to request Brian Michelli to move forward in developing a contract for Mr. Whelan and bring to the Board for approval.

Ayes: Becklin, Jacobs, Anderson, Tice, Dillon, Winebarger, Hulka Nays: None

17-064 Fire Department Equipment Purchasing Request

Public Safety Director, Brian Michelli, is requesting approval for the purchase of equipment that has been budgeted for and is due for replacement. Equipment is to include fire hose, boots, and helmets. Total cost approximately $39,000.

Rose Dillon moved, supported by Ron Becklin, MOTION CARRIED, to approve Public Safety Director, Brian Michelli, to move forward with the purchase of Fire Department equipment.

Ayes: Becklin, Jacobs, Anderson, Tice, Dillon, Winebarger, Hulka Nays: None

17-065 Odeno Project Street Lights
The motion by Ron Becklin, supported by Denise Winebarger, was carried unanimously, to TABLE the discussion of Odeno Project street lights until more information can be brought to the next meeting, May 22, 2017.

17-066 Culvert Replacement on Farr Rd.

The Muskegon County Road Commission had identified a culvert on E Farr Rd that is in need of replacement. The Board has requested to see a detailed invoice from the MCRC on the replacement of the above mentioned culvert. The Board would also like to revisit the policy on the amount that is covered by the MCRC.

17-067 Consideration of Petitions for Vandenberg & Summit Road Improvement
Rose Dillon moved, Greg Hulka supported, MOTION CARRIED, that the petitions for road improvement on Vandenberg and Summit Roads be received by the Township Board and move forward to schedule a public hearing to create an assessment district.

Ayes: Becklin, Jacobs, Anderson, Tice, Dillon, Winebarger, Hulka Nays: None

17-068 Discussion of Land Use/Zone Change Fees

Land Use and Zone Change application fees were discussed as well as options for ensuring accuracy in the fee schedule.

17-069 Phone and Spending Policy Updates

The Board requested to TABLE this topic until old policies can be reviewed for comparison.

17-070 Administrative Assistant for the Township Supervisor

Discussion regarding Supervisor Tice’s request for an Administrative Assistant. The Board did not support the request for lack of budget.

A resident, Linda Corinti of 6th Street, Fruitport, shared questions on the topic.

17-071 Payment of bills
Ron Becklin moved, Jeff Jacobs seconded, MOTION CARRIED, to approve bills as presented for payment in the following amounts: General Fund & Parks $4,254.30; Public Safety $11,905.47; Water $384,706.36; Sewer $18,216.45; T&A $2,114 Totaling: $421,193.58

Ayes: Becklin, Jacobs, Anderson, Tice, Dillon, Winebarger, Hulka Nays: none



1. Recycling is now available for staff use at Town Hall.
The motion by Ron Becklin, supported by Greg Hulka was carried unanimously, to adjourn the meeting at 9:16pm.