Mother with Daughter Entrepreneurs start Company and Create Journals to Nurture Relationships

Mom and daughters create a shared journal that is being used all over to bring mom and daughter closer, and have a timeless keepsake forever.

momandgirlsSHEPHERD, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, June 15, 2017 — Jaime Klumpp mother of 3 daughters started the company called Kai Kai Brai with her thee daughters in hopes of creating products for girls by girls. The name of the company is the first letters of the three daughters names, and the daughters ages four, seven, and eleven are very involved in the business. They started their business about 18 months ago and have since launched three journals. The journals are the “Tell Me Anything Shared Journals.” They have three different versions one for “Mom & Daughter”, “Mom & Son”, and a “You & Me” version to fit any array of different relationships between child and trusted adult. The journal is a special place where mom and daughter can share intimate thoughts, ideas, ask questions of one another and many other relationship building topics. Jaime says “the idea is to nurture your relationships and at the same time create a priceless time capsule of your life together that can be looked back on for years to come.”

journalKai Kai Brai has received recommendations from licensed professional counselors like Melissa Hutchinson stated “Adolescence can be a confusing and sometimes difficult time for young girls. It is also a time when they tend to identify more with their peers than with their parents. The Kai Kai Brai Tell Me Anything Shared Journal is a unique opportunity to strengthen communication between mothers and daughters before it becomes stressed. As parents, it is important that we find creative ways to build and strengthen communication with our young girls. They need us during this time more than ever, even if they do not know it. We must capture every opportunity to be ready to listen.”

This is an amazing product created by a mother and her three daughters trying to make a difference in the world. Jaime and the girls give a portion of their proceeds to programs to help children and moms. Kai Kai Brai is currently selling their journals online at their website They also have a wholesale option for stores and boutiques to carry their products. For more information you can contact them through their website at