Ottawa County Road Commission – Snowplow Safety

Seven Snowplow Safety Tips

plowingWinter in Ottawa County usually means lots of snow, and that means snowplows on the road to help keep them clear of snow and ice. The Road Commission wants to keep everyone safe on the road, and so here are seven tips for this winter:

1. Always give snowplows plenty of room on the road. It’s best not to drive next to a plow, or too close behind it. Visibility is limited for snowplow drivers.

2. Don’t park your car on the side of the road or on the shoulder. This can limit the snowplow driver’s ability to clear the road.

3. Make sure your children don’t wait too close to the edge of the road for the school bus. In the mornings, especially during a snowstorm, snowplow driver’s sight is limited and small children in the road can be hard to see. Also, snowplows push up a lot of snow, so make sure your children stay back from the edge of the road.

4. Never play in or leave items in roadside piles of snow.

5. Since snowplows push snow to the right, pile snow on the right-hand side of your driveway (looking towards the road). This will help reduce the amount of snow that can be pushed back into your driveway.

6. When placing your garbage can, don’t place it on the street. When shoveling out your driveway, dig out a spot for your garbage can that is clear from the road.

7. Remember to be patient and drive safely during winter storms. The Road Commission clears the highest volume roads first. Consequently, during major snow events some local roads can take longer to be plowed. Drive cautiously on all roads with ice or snow.

If you follow these tips, you can help keep the roads clear and safe for everyone.

Watch For Green Lights!

greenlightsChanges to Michigan law in 2016 allowed for municipalities and Road Commissions to use green lights on their maintenance vehicles. OCRC has been transitioning its trucks to have green flashing lights. Green lights on the road, especially during the winter, are a signal to slow down and be careful of snow plows. You can read more about the decision to switch to green lights HERE.