Non-Profit Law Firm Now Open

Low Income Legal Assistance

Muskegon, MI:  On the cutting edge of criminal defense, a new Muskegon non-profit began representing low income clients on Monday, October 9, 2017.  Muskegon Community Legal Defense Center is one of only a handful of non-profits in the country who represent clients on a sliding scale, flat fee retainer, based on client income and the only one focusing on criminal defense cases.  The Muskegon Community Legal Defense Center rates begin at $325 for low income clients charged with a misdemeanor.  Fees increase based on severity of charge and the client’s income.

Previously, Muskegon County’s public defense system regularly handled three time the maximum number of cases recommended by American Bar Association standards, as well as the standards set by other professional groups.  Muskegon CLDC follows all applicable caseload standards. This allows Muskegon CLDC to maintain the highest of professional standards while proactively advocating for the rights of clients.

The creation of the Muskegon Community Legal Defense Center serves two purposes.  First, it provides affordable representation for those who are accused but do not have the financial resources for representation through for-profit firms.  Second, MCLDC will reduce the caseload of the Public Defender’s office.

Joshua EldenBrady, the new organization’s Executive Director, stated, “Operating as a non-profit on an equal pay basis with the Muskegon County Prosecutor’s Office will allow Muskegon CLDC to grow and attract quality legal talent in response to client and community needs.  We look forward to serving our community and our clients.”

Call 231-735-7480 for more information.