Fruitport Charter Township Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes of May 14, 2018

A work session of the Fruitport Charter Township Board began at 6:30pm on Monday, May 14, 2018, in the township board room.

Members Present: Heidi Tice, Supervisor; Andrea Anderson, Clerk; Rose Dillon, Treasurer; Trustees Todd Dunham, and Greg Hulka
Members Absent: Jeff Jacobs and Denise Winebarger; excused

At 7:00pm, Heidi Tice opened the regular meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a prayer.

Also Present: 9– residents; 10– employees; 12- guests; Director of Public Safety, Brian Michelli; Director of Public Utilities.

The motion by Rose Dillon, supported by Greg Hulka, was carried unanimously, to approve the minutes of April 23, 2018 as presented.

The motion by Rose Dillon, supported by Greg Hulka, was carried unanimously, to approve the agenda as presented with the following addition:

ADD: Unfinished Business item A- Scout Mychal VanAllsburg to present his garden.

1. Andrea Anderson shared that two candidates for Fruitport Township Trustee have submitted qualifying petitions; Todd Dunham and Terry Knoll.
2. Heidi Tice shared that the Fruitport Aldi will be opening on May 24th.
3. Rose Dillon shared the language for the Library millage that will be on the August ballot. She explained the bridge between the former library district and the current; the millage will state that it is a new additional millage although it is the same millage that currently stands so it is more like a renewal given that there is no change.
4. Brian Michelli reported that the LEIN audit for the Police Department was successful.
5. Brian Michelli shared that the new traffic sign was used for the first time last weekend and that it will be very useful in the future.
6. Brian Michelli shared that he attended a Homeland Security conference.
7. Old Fashioned Days begin on May 23, 2018.
8. Ron Langlois shared that the Water Filtration Plant open house had 300-400 visitors.
9. Heidi Tice shared that she attended a community bike training.
10. Heidi Tice shared that the Township Clean-up Days were successful.



18-069 Mychal VanAllsburg to present garden project
Mychal VanAllsburg led the group outside on the lawn to present his Eagle Scout project. He installed a garden to honor the members of the Fruitport Fire and Police Departments. He thanked the Board and his sponsors of the project. Mychal had $158 left over from the funds he raised for the project that he donated to the Township. The $158 was applied as a donation to the flag fund. Thank you, Mychal- job well done!


18-070 Presentation from Larry Romanelli, Tribal Ogema with Little River Band of Ottawa Indians
Larry Romanelli, Tribal Ogema; Joseph Riley, Speaker of the Tribal Council; and Ron Pete, Shoreline Committee, spoke regarding two projects that the Tribe is working on in Fruitport Township. The Odeno housing development will have 282 homes in total. The Casino project went to Washington to move the project forward; much support was received. The project leaders are hopeful for a timeline of less than 2 more years. With approximately 1,000 jobs that will be created, a payroll of 35-45 million is expected. The group shared thankfulness for the support at the local level. Further letters of support can be mailed to Jim Cason, United States Department of the Interior.

18-071 Presentation from Kevin Kieft, Prein & Newhof
Kevin Kieft gave the final report regarding the Water Asset Management Plan. He shared that the plan helped to estimate costs for future capital improvements. There will not be water or sewer rate increases for this year.

Todd Dunham moved, seconded by Greg Hulka, MOTION CARRIED, to adopt the resolution approving the Water Asset Management Plan dated December 2017.

Ayes: Dunham, Anderson, Tice, Dillon, Hulka
Nays: None

18-072 Odeno Development street lights
Andrea Anderson shared a request from Westshore Consulting regarding the addition of one (1) additional street light for the Odeno Development. The additional pole was recommended by their engineer due to the road curve and vertical differential.

Rose Dillon moved, seconded by Andrea Anderson, MOTION CARRIED, to accept the one (1) additional light pole in the Odeno Development into the Fruitport Charter Township Lighting District, under the stipulation that the pole must be lit with an LED light.

Ayes: Dunham, Anderson, Tice, Dillon, Hulka
Nays: None

18-073 Chandy Acres Development street lights
Rose Dillon moved, seconded by Todd Dunham, MOTION CARRIED, to accept the requested five (5) light poles in the Chandy Acres Development addition into the Fruitport Charter Township Lighting District, under the stipulation that the poles be lit with LED lighting.

Ayes: Dunham, Anderson, Tice, Dillon, Hulka
Nays: None

18-074 Cell tower funds transfer from Muskegon Co to WMRWA
Current bonds will retire in 2020 at which time Muskegon County will relinquish its rights. Ron Langlois has requested that the $759,000 from cell tower payments be disbursed from the account with the County to the West Michigan Regional Water Authority. The funds will be used on improvements to the regional water system.

Andrea Anderson moved, seconded by Todd Dunham, MOTION CARRIED, to adopt the resolution authorizing the transfer of cell company rental funds from the County of Muskegon to the WMRWA.

Ayes: Dunham, Anderson, Tice, Dillon, Hulka
Nays: None

18-075 Police cruiser lease discussion
Brian Michelli has built a Police Cruiser replacement plan to avoid replacing all cars at the same time. It has been suggested to lease one additional car in order to keep miles down on all cars and put the cars into a 5 year rotation.

Greg Hulka moved, seconded by Todd Dunham, MOTION CARRIED, to authorize the Public Safety director to add one additional leased police cruiser.

Ayes: Dunham, Anderson, Tice, Dillon, Hulka
Nays: None

18-076 Re-appoint Steve Paul to ZBA
Rose Dillon moved, Greg Hulka seconded, MOTION CARRIED, to re-appoint Steve Paul to the Zoning Board of Appeals for an additional term ending January 2021.

Ayes: Dunham, Anderson, Tice, Dillon, Hulka
Nays: None

18-77 Muskegon Area Smart Commute Week
The Motion by Todd Dunham, seconded by Andrea Anderson, was carried unanimously, to adopt the resolution in which Fruitport Charter Township proclaims June 11-15, 2018 as Muskegon Area Smart Commute Week, encouraging citizens to bike, walk, carpool, and use public transportation rather than driving single occupant vehicles.

18-078 Payment of bills
Todd Dunham moved, Heidi Tice seconded, MOTION CARRIED, to approve bills as presented for payment in the following amounts: General Fund $17,289.34; Public Safety $34,829.61; Water $60,787.22; Sewer $21,191.23; Street Lights $14,647.69; T&A $2,338.00
Totaling: $151,083.09

Ayes: Hulka, Dillon, Tice, Anderson, Dunham
Nays: none

1. Heidi Tice shared that the Fruitport Old Fashioned Days schedule of events is available.

1. Andy O’Riley, candidate for Michigan State Representative, shared support from his candidacy and from Roosevelt Park for the Tribe and the casino project.

2. Brenda Moore, Muskegon County Drain Commissioner, reported that bonds have been secured for the Kuis Drain project. The interest rate from JJB Hilliard and WL Lyons LLC is 3.8% to which the Drain Commissioner will charge an additional 1%, totaling 4.8% over the 20 year assessment period.

3. Jon Bumstead, Candidate for Michigan Senate, shared his support for the casino project.

The motion by Greg Hulka, supported by Heidi Tice was carried unanimously, to adjourn the meeting at 8:38pm.