Letter to the Editor – I Fell in Love

When I first moved to Fruitport about 10 years ago, I immediately fell in love with the charm of the village.

I quickly discovered the little library by the park and felt welcomed by the staff and other patrons.

Two years ago there was a vote to separate from the Muskegon Area District Library and I voted against because I did not want to lose what had meant so much to me.

The vote to separate passed and after a few months of transition the Fruitport District Library begin to take shape.  Over the past two years I have watched our community come together to create an  astounding  library.

Our library provides more than just a large collection of books or even the access to books from other libraries.   It provides  more than just a wonderful  staff who are able to help us or a place for people to be able to use the computers. The library is more than just a place that provides learning opportunities with guest speakers and children’s programs.

The Fruitport Dristrict Library is a place of connection, of people, of the community coming together where all are welcomed and encouraged to be a part.

I am very proud of what the Fruitport  District Library  has become and I’m excited about our future.

Please take the time on November 6 to Vote Yes to keep our library open.

If the doors close, not only do we lose our library, but we lose part of who we, as a community, are.

Julie Sanderson