Watch Muskegon Campaign Gives Back to Muskegon County

Muskegon, MI – The Watch Muskegon campaign, which focuses on promoting Muskegon County as a great place to Live, Work, Play, and Learn, has given back over $455,000 to Muskegon County, since the campaign was started in 2015. From the $455,000, a total of $371,000 was spent on marketing and $84,000 was used towards beautification and education in Muskegon County.

The Watch Muskegon image campaign was started in 2015, when community partners rallied together to improve the overall image of Muskegon County. The Watch Muskegon campaign is comprised of three pillars: education, beautification, and marketing. Community pride, positive word-of-mouth, education and multiple advertising campaigns help to draw new residents, tourists, and businesses to the Muskegon Lakeshore Area.  A study done in 2017 shows that perception of Muskegon County is changing and positive progress is happening. Link to independent study.

The all-inclusive, county-wide Watch Muskegon campaign has not only promoted the community through marketing but it has completed many projects that have helped to beautify the Sherman Blvd. corridor. These projects include organizing community cleanups, creating a green space which includes a new bus shelter on the corner of Sherman Blvd. and Hoyt St., installing gateway banners along Sherman Blvd., adding permanent trash receptacles in various locations, and installing over fifty flowerpots on Sherman Blvd. this summer. The Watch Muskegon campaign is open for anyone to participate in and has created lasting relationships with municipalities, residents, and businesses that are advocates for positive changes.

Watch Muskegon is in its fifth year, of the six-year campaign. The campaign has been able to accomplish so much due to generous donations provided by the Muskegon Lakeshore Community. The image campaign runs 100% on donations from businesses, residents and grants.