The Huizenga Huddle: December 6, 2019

Protecting Seniors, Teachers, and Those Saving For Retirement

On November 18th, I am happy to report the House passed my bipartisan legislation, the Investor Protection and Capital Markets Fairness Act, by a vote of 314-95. I worked hand in hand with Ben McAdams, a Democrat from Utah, on this legislation designed to hold criminals accountable and help Main Street investors who are victims of fraud recover their losses.

The latest report from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) found that more than $1.1 billion swindled from investors through fraudulent activity is unable to be recovered because of a 2017 Supreme Court decision. The Investor Protection and Capital Markets Fairness Act, strikes a delicate balance to solve this by ensuring the SEC has the necessary tools to go after bad actors and prevent these sophisticated fraudsters from keeping the money they have stolen from our teachers, military service personnel, seniors, and religious-affiliated groups.

Improving Healthcare Accessibility Using West Michigan Solutions

I believe policymakers in Washington should be looking for ways to increase the well-being of Americans, promote upward mobility, and improve outcomes for families.

With those core tenants in mind, on November 4th I joined health care professionals in Muskegon to unveil new legislation, the Community Multi-share Coverage Program Act, to address health care affordability and accessibility.

By using a unique approach to deliver quality health care at affordable prices to populations that are either underserved or uninsured, this West Michigan inspired legislation can improve health and financial security while helping more people climb the ladder of opportunity and achieve success.

Standing Up For Michigan Farmers

When Michigan farmers have a level playing field, they can compete with anyone in the world. However, current federal law fails to provide seasonal, perishable, and specialty crop growers with adequate means to bring forward claims against illegal trade practices being used by other nations.

This is why on November 22nd, I announced my support for the Defending Domestic Produce Production Act. This bipartisan bill will increase the ability of Michigan farmers, especially asparagus, blueberry, and cherry growers, to petition the Department of Commerce and the U.S. International Trade Commission to investigate illegal subsidies and dumping of fruits and vegetables in the U.S. market.

I am proud to be the first member of the Michigan Congressional delegation to support this important legislation, click here.

Thanking West Michigan Veterans

Over Veterans Day Weekend, I joined West Michigan veterans in Allendale, Grandville, Hudsonville, and Wyoming to honor and recognize their service to our community and our country.  If not for these incredible men and women, we would not have the freedoms we currently enjoy.

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Update

You might not have heard, but the EPA has announced a $6.6M Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) grant to clean up a 12 acre site located on the shores of Muskegon Lake known as  the Ryerson Creek Outfall.

As Co-Chair of the House Great Lakes Task Force, I have consistently worked to fully fund the GLRI and worked to build bipartisan support to protect the Great Lakes. This announcement is another example of how the GLRI is having a direct impact in West Michigan and helping clean up legacy pollution, restore Muskegon Lake, and preserve the Great Lakes for future generations.

Serving West Michigan

On November 26th, I joined Sawyer Hendrickson at the Ludington Post Office to help her deliver and send out her latest shipment of “Holiday Cheer” for our men and women serving overseas and around the nation. Sawyer’s goal is to send more than 10,000 care packages in support of our troops who will be away from their families and loved ones. It’s incredible the difference Sawyer is making and the example she sets for those her own age as well as adults. It was great to be able to join her again this year to support our troops!

ourtroopsholidaycheerI also want to say thank you to the post office staff for helping Sawyer carry out her mission! The holidays are an extremely busy time for everyone and the team at the Ludington Post Office made everything look easy.