Turtles Come to Lakeshore Museum Center

MUSKEGON, MI – If you think you know about turtles, you’ve got plenty to learn when Lakeshore Museum Center opens Turtle Travels, a fun-filled, interactive exhibit that gives visitors a turtle’s-eye view of life in the “slow lane.”

Research shows turtles actually live in and travel through a surprising diversity of habitats. Their journeys are filled with challenges! These findings— and many other turtle studies—come from the use of radio telemetry that tracks how animals move around their habitats. You’ll have a chance to check out this science and see how it works.

You’ll start your journey at the exhibition entrance, where kids can pose as a turtle in front of a marsh habitat backdrop. There’s a child’s bench to sit on and take a photo. After all, you’ll need to rest up for your journey! Once you step onto the giant board game, follow the instructions and you’ll be detoured to interactive games. Find out what it’s like for a turtle trying to cross a road or traverse changing habitats. Be a turtle tracker and see how real field biologists track animals in the wild. The lively setting has plenty to keep children busy as they play the game. For example, an underwater video shows how a sea turtle swims. Trek along this turtle terrain and you’ll find out that slow and steady not only wins the race, but takes turtles on some amazing journeys!

You’ll also discover cool turtle and tortoise facts— how their bodies and shells have adapted to many different habitats, why they need shells, the hazards they encounter in the wild, how they are important to many different cultures, and more. Turtle Travels provides unusual perspectives on these amazing reptiles.

Does your child want a pet turtle? Wait! First find out what kind of care they need— and how the pet trade isn’t always the best deal for the turtle.

The exhibition has a variety of family-friendly components, including:

● A Swiss Army turtle with moveable feet illustrating how turtles’ limbs are adapted to fit their environment
● A station to build the arch of a turtle’s shell
● A restful spot to lounge on a turtle and discover the many turtles that star in children’s tales

Admission for the Turtle Travels exhibit is free for Muskegon County residents and Museum members. Non-residents ages 3 and up admission is $5.

You can visit the Turtle Travels exhibit starting May 21 through September 4 at the Lakeshore Museum Center at 430 W. Clay Ave in Muskegon.

For more information, visit the Lakeshore Museum Center online at https://lakeshoremuseum.org/

About Turtle Travels
Turtle Travels is an exhibition created by the Environmental Exhibit Collaborative (EEC!), a group of natural science museums founded by the EcoTarium in Massachusetts; Vermont’s ECHO; and Squam Lakes Natural Science Center in New Hampshire.

About Lakeshore Museum Center
Since 1937, the Lakeshore Museum Center has explored, preserved, and interpreted the history of Muskegon County through historic exhibits, education and cultural-based programs, and special events and presentations for all ages. The Center is comprised of multiple sites and buildings including the Hackley & Hume Historic Site, the Fire Barn Museum, the Scolnik House of the Depression Era and the Muskegon Heritage Museum.