Muskegon River Trash Bash 2021 – July 29th Update

The Muskegon River Watershed Assembly is having an amazing response to their Trash Bash Event scheduled to occur on the Muskegon River during the month of August!

So far, 45 teams have signed up, totaling 309 volunteers, and over 115 miles of river scheduled to be cleaned up! “…We have a chance to make some real history this year…” said Patricia Jarrett, of MRWA.

As of this week, there were 104 miles of river left to be covered, including some pretty remote and wild sections of river. Event organizers are looking for just a handful of adventurous people willing to venture into the wild parts of the watershed.

Here is what they need to cover:

Upper Watershed
• Higgins/Houghton Lake to Ben D. Jeffs Park – estimated 16.73 miles – unknown hours
• Ben D. Jeffs Park to Pond Road – 27.5 miles – 11.46 hours
• Pond Road to Jonesville Bridge – 5.35 miles – 2.23 hours
• Jonesville Bridge to Leota Park – 4.25 miles – 1.77 hours
• Leota Park to M-61 – 23 miles – 7.19 hours
• M-61 to M-115 – 10 miles – 3.13 hours

Mid Watershed
• Rogers Dam Boat Launch to 131 Bridge Boat Launch – 2.1 miles – .78 hours
• 131 Bridge Boat Launch to David Bridge County Park – 5.6 miles – 2.07 hours
• Davis Bridge County Park to Brower County Park – 2.8 miles – 1.04 hours

Lower Watershed
• Holton-Duck Lake Road/E. River Road Launch to Muskegon Lake – 6.67 miles – 2.5 hours
• Cleanups around Muskegon Lake

Team captains can register their team at .

If these interesting, remote, and more challenging sections of river can be covered, this year’s Trash Bash will be the largest Muskegon River cleanup in history, with over 219 miles of watershed through 9 counties! It might also set the stage for an attempt at the Guinness Book for 2022.