CALL 2-1-1 Receives National Accreditation!

submitted by United Way of the Lakeshore

Congrats to our partner agency CALL 2-1-1 on receiving National Accreditation. United Way of the Lakeshore is a founding partner in the creation of 2-1-1 in Muskegon and throughout the state and nation. Before 2-1-1, people would have to remember several seven-digit numbers and people in crisis would have to call around to try to find the help they needed. It was an inefficient system of care. There was long a dream of streamlining the process, but it was in 2005 that our local 2-1-1 helpline became a reality. Now, when you are looking for help it is a simple 3-digit number to remember. Please don’t hesitate to call to get connected to services in your local community.

Dial 2-1-1, or Toll Free (877) 211-5253.