Fruitport Township Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes – 11/22/21

A work session of the Fruitport Charter Township Board began at 6:30pm on Monday, November 22, 2021, in the township board room.

Members Present: Todd Dunham, Supervisor; Andrea Anderson, Clerk; Rose Dillon, Treasurer; Trustees Jim Fichtel, Greg Hulka, Terry Knoll, David Markgraf
Members Absent: none

At 7:02pm, Todd Dunham opened the regular meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Also Present: 1- residents; 2- employees; 1- guests; Public Safety Director, Brian Michelli; Attorney Ron Bultje.

The motion by Knoll, seconded by Dillon was carried unanimously, to approve the minutes of October 25, 2021 as presented.

The motion by Anderson, seconded by Dillon was carried unanimously, to approve the agenda as presented.


  1. Brian Michelli shared that new roadway flags were purchased with donations and will be displayed for Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Veterans Day; the Fire Department used a donated house for a training burn where everything went well; the Township had 2 past employees, Bernie DeGraves and Chuck Wilson, pass away in recent days; the part to repair engine 561 is in and should be installed soon; the new cruiser has been delivered to Emergency Services where it will be outfitted; the Fire Department has seen an increase in call volume by 300 calls in comparison to last year; Covid-19 cases are on the rise, if you are sick stay home.




21-097 First Reading: Consumers Energy Company Revocable Electric Franchise Ordinance
This ordinance would be for granting Consumers Energy Company, its successors and assigns, the right, power, and authority to construct, maintain, and commercially use electric lines consisting of towers, masts, poles, crossarms, guys, braces, feeders, transmission and distribution wires, transformers, and other electrical appliances on, under, along, and across the highways, streets, alleys, bridges, waterways, and other public places, and to do a local electric business in the Charter Township of Fruitport, Muskegon County, Michigan, for a period of 30 years.

The ordinance was drafted in collaboration with the township’s attorney and Consumers Energy representatives.

Consumers Energy will reimburse the township for publication costs.

This constitutes the first reading. Final action will take place at the next regular scheduled board meeting on December 13, 2021.

21-098 Adoption of Parks and Recreation 5 Year Plan
The Park’s Commission has taken the appropriate steps to develop and present their 5 year plan to have as a guide to future projects and improvements within the township.

Greg Hulka moved, seconded by Todd Dunham, MOTION CARRIED, to adopt the resolution to approve the Parks and Rec 5 year plan.

Ayes: Fichtel, Hulka, Dillon, Dunham, Anderson, Markgraf
Nays: Knoll

21-099 Reappointment of Brett Suchecki to Planning Commission
The motion by David Markgraf, seconded by Greg Hulka, was carried unanimously, to approve the appointment of Brett Suchecki to the Planning Commission for a 3 year term to begin January 1, 2022 and end December 31, 2024.

21-100 Reappointment of Rose Dillon and Junella Rule to the Fruitport District Library Board
The Fruitport District Library Board recommends the reappointment of Rose Dillon and Junella Rule to the FDL Board for a two year term to expire on December 31, 2023.

The motion by Anderson, seconded by Terry Knoll, was carried unanimously, to reappoint Rose Dillon and Junella Rule to the FDL Board for a two year term to expire on December 31, 2023.

21-101 Authorization to Donate Radios to the Lions Club
The Public Safety Director has asked permission to donate approximately 20-25 outdated radios to the Fruitport Lions Club. They are worth very little and the Lions have the need. It is asked that the Lions cover the cost of having the Township’s frequencies removed.

The motion by Terry Knoll, seconded by Rose Dillon, was carried unanimously, to authorize the donation.

21-102 Payment of Bills
Terry Knoll moved, Andrea Anderson seconded, MOTION CARRIED, to approve bills as presented for payment in the following amounts: General Fund $49,497.19; Public Safety $44,378.15; Water $276,474.74; Sewer $2,153.96; Trust & Agency $3,355.63; Street Lights $14,960.98
Totaling: $390,820.65

Ayes: Markgraf, Knoll, Anderson, Dunham, Dillon, Hulka, Fichtel
Nays: None


  1. Terry Knoll shared that he spoke with Governor Whitmer regarding support for the casino project.


The motion by Terry Knoll, seconded by Greg Hulka, was carried unanimously, to adjourn the meeting at 7:46pm.