Kids, Crafts, and Critters Schedule for Summer of 2023


The Coopersville Farm Museum and Event Center has many opportunities this year for you and/or your company to be involved in events that are free and geared toward children and their families. 

Here is our schedule for the Spring and Summer events at the museum.

Please let us know if you would like to participate or sponsor any of these events:

  • March 25                     10am-1pm   (Kids, Crafts, and Critters)
  • April 1                          10am-1pm  (Spring Petting Zoo) (Coopersville Area Community Foundation Youth Grant-pending)
  • April 8                          10am-1pm (Easter Egg Hunt—larger crowd)  (sponsored by The Meadows Apartments)
  • April 15                        10am-1pm (Spring Petting Zoo) (Coopersville Area Community Foundation Youth Grant-pending)
  • April 22                        10am-1pm  (Spring Petting Zoo) (Coopersville Area Community Foundation Youth Grant-pending)
  • April 29                        10am-1pm (Kids, Crafts, and Critters) (Coopersville Area Community Foundation Youth Grant-pending)
  • May 27                        10am-1pm (Kids, Crafts, and Critters)
  • June 24                        10am-1pm (Kids, Crafts, and Critters)
  • July 29                         10am-1pm   (Kids, Crafts, and Critters)
  • August 9                      10am-1pm  (Wednesday-Summerfest)  (sponsored by The Meadows Apartments)
  • August 26                    10am-1pm (Kids, Crafts, and Critters)

Your company is welcome to participate in any of these events.  Perhaps offer a craft?  Provide a gift for visitors?  Refreshments?  Lunch for volunteers? 

We always can use extra teen or adult volunteers to help with crafts too.   Just let us know. 

We are trying to reach a goal of $2,000 to continue and enhance our summer programs.  Thousands of kids and their family members will attend these events listed here.

Coopersville Farm Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization honoring farming, agriculture and rural life while serving West Michigan families.  Kids, Crafts, and Critters is offered year round, but right now we are focusing on Spring and Summer!  Something we can all look forward to, right?!

Can we count on your help to support this program?