Governor Signs Price Legislation To Make Michigan More Nursing-Mom Friendly

Legislation to make Michigan a more nursing-mom friendly state was signed into law recently by Gov. Rick Snyder, announced state Rep. Amanda Price.

Public Act 198 of 2014, authored by Price, protects nursing mothers by helping them feel as comfortable as possible when feeding their child in a public place. Together with PA 199’14, the measures ensure moms who are breastfeeding in public cannot be charged with indecent exposure or disorderly conduct for an act seen as natural and beneficial to many.

“Moms across our state need to know that they can — and should — nurse their child wherever and whenever they need to, without worrying about repercussions,” said Price, R-Park Township. “This is a common-sense measure to help Michigan mothers feel as comfortable as possible when breastfeeding, and I am glad it received such overwhelming support.”

The governor also signed PA 197’14, which creates the Breastfeeding Antidiscrimination Act so that business owners cannot deny service to nursing mothers. Michigan joins 25 other states with similar laws protecting nursing mothers.

Governor signs legislation

State Rep. Amanda Price, third from right, joins Gov. Rick Snyder as he signs Public Act 198 of 2014 into law. The law, authored by Price, R-Park Township, makes Michigan a more nursing-mom friendly state.