Opioid Overdose Reversal Kits and Training

People overdosing on opioids is a growing problem in Ottawa County, as well as across the country.  Opioids are substances, or chemically resemble substances, originally derived from the opium poppy.  Opioids can include medications prescribed by a doctor to treat chronic or acute pain but also illegal drugs like heroin used for their euphoric effects.  When a person overdoses on opioids, their breathing shuts down – leading to death.  Overdose deaths are on the rise, so we need to work to address the problem.  There is a medication that can temporarily reverse the overdose effects and provide time to get the victim medical attention.  The medication is called Naloxone.  There is a nationwide effort to make Naloxone available to individuals who use opioids.

Community Mental Health of Ottawa County (CMHOC) is working with the Red Project to provide training to individuals on the use of Naloxone and distributing reversal kits.  The kit consists of a hypodermic needle, two doses of Naloxone,  and related supplies.  If you or someone you know:

• has a history of substance abuse (whether actively using or not)
• has a prescription for opioid based pain medications
• takes opioids recreationally
• has ever overdosed before

You should be trained and receive a Naloxone rescue kit!  Any of these factors can put someone at risk for overdose.  We need to give ourselves and the people we love the opportunity to live a healthy life.  No matter where someone is on their journey they do not deserve to die from a drug overdose, and they do not have to!   The Red Project staff is providing a FREE 15 minute training to people who want to learn how to use the rescue kit.

Second Friday of Every Month
Drop in from 11am – 2pm

CMHOC – Conference Room 1
12265 James Street
Holland, Michigan 49424

Once the training has been completed you will be provided with a free rescue kit.  Get trained and save a life!  If you would like to learn more contact the Red Project at 616-456-9063 or visit www.redproject.org.