Apollo Publications Connects Readers With Your Book

Apollo Publications has developed a new way to connect readers with your book.
from EINPresswire.com.

Apollo Publications can connect thousands of potential readers to your book quickly and cost effetely. Whether you had Apollo publish your book or not we have the most cost-effective way to promote your book.

Apollo Publications is taking a whole new approach to promoting books. Traditional and online bookstores use the outdated sales techniques, of putting a book on a shelf or on a website and wait for someone to browse to it. The more popular authors are moved to the front or put in a special section. Self-publishers never have a way to stick out in the crowd, and as a result, self-publishers rarely sell many copies of their books. Apollo has developed an active marketing solution for self-publishers, putting their work in front of thousands of potential readers.

Online distributers will share information about your book. They will add your book to a database featuring a few hundred thousand other titles. The chances of a reader actually finding your book are very slim. Apollo Publications can actively put your book in front of thousands of potential readers. Apollo uses data mining to look for readers who have interests matching your book’s subject matter. If you write a book about hiking, we will look for individuals who like to hike or have purchased products related to hiking. We show titles of books about cats to cat enthusiasts.

Our new active marketing solution finds potential readers and connects them to your book. Not everyone who goes to a bookstore is interested in every subject on display. Our new approach enables self-publishers to quickly and cost effectively get their titles to the masses. It truly levels the playing field for self-publishers.

To display your book to the first 20,000 potential readers, the cost is $399.95, only $199.95 if you self-publish with us, free if we publish your book. This price covers getting your account setup, the creation of an ad, and displaying your book. We will also post a summary of your book; include a short bio about you, the author; and even add your book to our marketplace if you want people to be able to purchase it directly from our site. Otherwise, we can provide a link to another site for purchases. Authors receive an 80% royalty for every book sold through our marketplace.

Once your account has been set up, the cost is only $149.00 for every 20,000 views. It can take anywhere from 48 hours to 4 weeks to process all 20,000 views depending on your book’s subject matter. We look for websites that have keywords matching your book’s subject. When someone visits a relevant site, your book will be displayed. We track your views and can see when and where people have shown interest in your book. At the end of your marketing campaign we will send you a complete report.

Stephanie Timmer
Apollo Communication