$1 Billion in Muskegon Investments

Muskegon is continuing to grow, with over one billion dollars in investments occurring on the lakeshore.

Completed projects include the $50 million dollar expansion of Bayer Crop Science, the $15 million dollar expansion of GE Aviation, the $11 million dollar expansion of La Colombe, the development of a new Walmart in Whitehall Township, and the completion of multiple new breweries on the Lakeshore.

Projects in progress include the $271 million dollar Mercy Health Center development, a $38 million dollar investment in the Arconic plant of Whitehall, the $170 million dollar Odeno housing development in Fruitport Township, the $50 million dollar Tannery Bay housing development on White Lake, the $18 million dollar expansion of Muskegon Community College for their new Downtown Center, a $1.8 million dollar investment toward the renovation of the Great Lakes Fresh Markets, and many more.

The investments don’t stop there, as the number of proposed projects continues to climb. These investments include the development of a Muskegon Convention Center, a casino development in Fruitport Township, the expansion of KL Outdoor and the development of Winward Pointe, the former Sappi site on Muskegon Lake.

President of the Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce, Cindy Larsen, comments that “Muskegon isn’t done by any means, but you can actually see the difference so far”. All projects enhance the Watch Muskegon campaign, a privately funded community improvement plan.