Fruitport Township Planning Commission Meeting Minutes – 02/20/18



February 20, 2018


Continue review of ordinances: Begin at section 42-151, Table of Uses. Remove PUD as it, and PURD, under a SLU.


01. Roll Call: Mike Michelli, Kyle Osterhart, Brett Suchecki, Geoff Newmyer, Matthew Farrar, Jeff Jacobs, & Jason Franklin. Staff present, Jacob Mason, Lela Miller, & Supervisor Tice.

02. Approval of Planning Commission Minutes: January 16, 2018. Motion to approve the minutes by Osterhart with the amendment to add the motion/support and roll call vote to item 6. Support by Newmyer and carried unanimously.

03. Approve / Amend Agenda: Chair Michelli moved to accept the agenda with the addition of item 9: Review of solar farm operations. Support by Newmyer and carried unanimously.

04. Correspondence / Reports: Supervisor Tice discussed a letter sent to ALDI relative to acceptance of sidewalk rather than a bike path.

05. Public Comments pertaining to agenda topics

New Business
06. Site Plan Review – Teddy Spaghettis – 3032 Hts. Ravenna Rd.
Parcel:            61-15-530-000-0009-00
Purpose:        Addition to existing restaurant

Mr. Ted Cerniglia, 3332 Heights Ravenna. Wants to build on the back of the building behind the kitchen, add to the cooking line for improved customer service. Over the last 8 years they have outgrown their business. This will accommodate more dishwashing and kitchen space. No additional customer seating space. All deliveries will be the same as current. Osterhart commented the rear setbacks will still be met with this proposed addition. Will us split face block and match existing colors

Motion by
1. The motion is made by Franklin to grant the site plan request for parcel number(s) 61-15-530-000-0009-00

2. The motion is based upon specific findings by the Township relative to the factors specified in Section 42-224 of the Zoning Chapter.

–a. All elements of the site plan are harmoniously and efficiently organized in relation to topography, the size and type of lot, the character of adjoining property and the type and size of buildings. The site will not impede the normal and orderly development or improvement of surrounding property for permitted uses. This finding is based upon the following fact(s): Within the setback and permitted use.

–d. The site plan will provide reasonable visual and sound privacy for all dwelling units located therein. Fences, walks, barriers, and landscaping will provide appropriate protection and enhancement of property and privacy of its occupants. This finding is based upon the following fact(s): Existing barriers will remain.

3. If the motion is to grant approval, the following conditions are established.

–a. The development must comply with the site plan, dated 2-14-18, submitted to the Township, as well as any written material submitted by the applicant to the Township.

–b. The development must comply with all federal, state, and Muskegon County laws, rules, regulations, and requirements.

–c. The development must be acquired, developed, and completed in conformance with the Zoning Chapter, as amended, and the rest of the Fruitport Charter Township Code of Ordinances.

–d. The development must be completed within 2 years. This deadline may be extended by the Township, without going through the entire application process, upon request by the applicant and evidence showing that the applicant is proceeding in good faith toward completion.

–e. If the site plan approval is contingent upon public water service or public sanitary sewer service or both being provided, then no construction of the development may begin until all required easements are in place, all required forms have been completed, and all approvals for service have been obtained.

–f. A digital copy of the site plan as approved shall be provided to the Fire Inspector at, or such other e-mail address as the Fire Inspector may designate.

–g. Any other conditions placed by the Township upon the site plan approval: None.

Motion was supported by Franklin. Roll Call: Unanimous.

07. Site Plan Review & Special Use – 2963 Hts. Ravenna Rd.
Parcel:          61-15-293-000-0001-00
Purpose:      Smokehouse/General Store and Seasonal Outdoor Market

Motion by Jacobs, support by Newmyer to open public hearing. Unanimous

Mr. Gawlik 4553 Oriole Street. Wants to sell specialty and seasonal products at 2963 Hts. Ravenna Road. He would like to put up a building and wants to know what he can and cannot do. The special use is required by the seasonal use. Osterhart commented on the accessibility of the facility and would require an ADA ramp. Chair stated the dumpster enclosure and dimensions are not on the print; lighting needs to remain on site; need landscaping to separate the different zoning districts; prefer more screening than just a wood fence, prefer shrubbery to block traffic lights from the residential; advised the architect to review ordinance 42-638; drive needs to be paved (gravel is not acceptable); any flow agreements with the North pole: show signage.

Jacobs wants more detail on the operations of the seasonal outdoor market. Jacobs also commented that the PC needs to see, on paper, what the proposal is for the special land use. Also advised to list the materials to be used and colors on the print and to show the dumpster enclosure like the building. Information will be emailed to Mr. Gawlik.

Motion by Michelli to table the public hearing. Supported by Newmyer. Carried unanimously.

08. Informational – Sternberg/Quarterline Hotel Development: Justin Longstreth with Moore & Bruggink, outlined the changes required by the MCRC if the curb cut on Quarterline was used. He is requesting the site plan be changed to remove the curb cut on Quarterline on the site plan and install a fire-only access off Quarterline with a Knox Box. There would be a loss of parking spots but still enough to meet ordinance.

General consensus of the PC is to allow these changes to be approved by staff with input from the Chair.

09. Solar Farm Operations Ordinance: PC discussed moving forward with an ordinance that regulates solar farms. Initial thoughts is to make it a SLU in any zoning district. Chair Michelli will direct Counsel to gather ordinances of other communities relative to solar farms to bring back to the PC.

Old Business

09. Public Comments

10. Adjournment. Chair adjourned the meeting at 8:22

The township will provide necessary reasonable aids and services for this meeting to individuals with disabilities by writing or telephoning the Township Clerk: Andrea Anderson, Fruitport Charter Township, 5865 Airline Rd, Fruitport, MI 49415

(231) 865-3151.