Fruitport Village Council Meeting Minutes – 04/20/20

APRIL 20, 2020

1. Call to Order
President Roger Vanderstelt called the meeting to order at 7pm.

2. Roll Call
Present: Roger Vanderstelt, Bill Overkamp, Amy Haack, Jeff Guiles, Carl Rothenberger, Jay Bolt and Ann LaCroix
Absent: Donna Pope (excused)

3. Approval of April 20th Council Meeting Agenda
Motion made by Amy to approve the agenda, supported by Bill. With a unanimous vote the motion carried.

4. Approval of March 30th council meeting minutes
Motion made by Amy to approve the meeting minutes, supported by Jeff. With a unanimous vote the motion carried.

5. Public Comment

6. Correspondence
Ann shared an email from Sue Halter regarding the Dancing Into Sunset tentative schedule for this summer in lieu of the Governor’s Stay Home Order.

7. Reports from Officers
Amy advised the council that signs have been placed throughout the Park, Playground and Boat Launch regarding the Governor’s Stay Home Order.
Carl advised that 2 of the DPW crew will be returning to work. They will alternate days that they come in and work on necessary things that can safely be done by one person.
Jeff – nothing to report.
Jay – nothing to report.
Will – nothing to report.
Roger – nothing to report.

8. 2020 3rd Avenue Project
Jay gave an update on the 2020 3rd Avenue Project. The project has been delayed until spring of 2021 due to COVID-19. The project will go out for bidding in September. Jay and Roger will be attending a virtual meeting about the project tomorrow. Jay will provide a report to council with updates from the meeting.

9. Kayak Launch
Amy gave an update on the Kayak Launch. She anticipates an update on the grant funding in June or July.

10. Senior Millage
Amy advised that the Letter of Intent and the Senior Millage Municipal Portion application were submitted. Muskegon County Commissioner Zach Lahring contacted the Village to advise that the application could be repurposed due to COVID-19 if the Village chose to. Amy recommended sticking with the original application for the Band Shell parking lot.

11. Approval to add Delinquent 2019-2020 Garbage Bills to Taxes
Motion made by Carl to add the delinquent garbage bills to the tax bill, supported by Jeff. With a unanimous vote, the motion carried.

12. Bridge Street Bridge Grant
Jay gave an overview of the two bridges in the Village. Both are rated fair. The bridge on Bridge Street needs repair. Jay would like approval to contract Brechting Bridge and Engineering Inc. to apply for an MDOT grant for the repair work. See attached motion and resolution.

13. Public Comment

14. Warrants
Motion made by Roger to approve the warrants dated April 16, 2020 that were included in the council packet, supported by Jeff.
Roll call AYES: Haack, Rothenberger, Overkamp, Bolt, Guiles and Vanderstelt.
NAYS: None
Absent: Pope

15. Adjournment
Motion made by Amy to adjourn the meeting at 6:58pm, supported by Carl. With a unanimous vote the motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by,

Ann LaCroix


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