Fearless with Cissie Graham Lynch Encourages Listeners to Hope in God

from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association February 9 newsletter


Cissie Graham Lynch released three new episodes of the Fearless podcast in January, centered on facing today’s obstacles with confidence and hope in God.

“We are not to conform to the world, but we are to walk with God,” Lynch said during her first Fearless podcast of the year. “We are to teach our children the stories that God’s Word is truth, the foundation that we are to stand on, the solid rock that we are to stand on in the days we will face.”

Leading up to the March for Life on Jan. 29, Lynch recorded a podcast episode featuring Jeanne Mancini, the president of March for Life and a fierce pro-life advocate. The two discussed the mission behind March for Life, as well as the theme for the 2021 march, Together Strong: Life Unites! “We’re so much stronger… when we’re working together on [advocating for life],” said Mancini. “Giving witness to the life that’s being lost on a regular basis is important in the public square.”

On episode 40 of her Fearless podcast, Lynch explores the question, is unity possible? “Like a lot of words in our culture, unity has lost its meaning and purpose,” Lynch said. She added that when considering unity, “You have to ask the question, what are we unifying with?”

Lynch referenced the book of Romans, where Christians are encouraged to live peaceably with all if possible. “That doesn’t mean that there’s not going to be times where you’re going to have to stand for [biblical] truth… We only have peace when we have truth.”

Concluding that unity cannot be reached without the love and peace of Jesus Christ, Lynch encouraged Christians that it is possible to live in unity with one another. “Unity, fellowship, and love with one another are so important in the body of Christ,” Lynch said. “As Christians, we have more in common than we don’t, and that’s Jesus.”

To listen to these episodes and more, visit www.CissieGrahamLynch.com/category/podcast/.