Fruitport Township Parks Commission Meeting Minutes – 03/30/21

5865 Airline Road
Fruitport, MI 49415

Minutes of the March 30, 2021 meeting.

Present: Ross Spyke (commissioner), Ryan O’Neal (commissioner), Travis Nadeau (commissioner), Richard Riekse (commissioner) and Karen Johnson (commissioner), Ken Hulka (director.)

The meeting was called to order at 6:08PM.

No public in attendance for comment on agenda items.

The quote for the five year rec plan will be $6800 instead of $6400 to include minimal work on Phases I & II. Travis moved to have Prein and Newhoff to produce our five year rec plan. Ryan O’Neal seconded.
Roll Call:
Travis Nadeau – Yes
Ryan O’Neal – Yes
Richard Riekse – Yes
Ross Spyke – Absent for vote
Karen Johnson – Yes

Ask Rose to send financial numbers right after year end. Is it possible to have a separate line item on our financials for the carry over amount.

Attendance at Township Board Meetings:
April 12th – Travis Nadeau & Ryan O’Neal
April 26th – Richard Riekse

New Business-
Staffing- Dean is back to work.
Farr Park – The back gate will not be unlocked until there is a request to use the park.

Pine Park – The gates are open. Ross asked to have the bases put in place. Practice starts on April 5th. Clean up day is the 17th with a rain date of the 24th. A 30 yard dumpster was requested. The Parks Commission will be provide drinks & hot dogs.

Soccer Park-Karen to call for Portajohns.

Discussion of COVID plan.
Little League (Baseball) has provided no guidance. They are to follow the guidance of the school or Township. The Soccer Club is to follow MSYSA guidelines. Football is to follow MSHAA.

Per Ron Bultje – put on the field request that park use is subject to the Michigan Department of Health. It is the obligation of the Youth Clubs to comply.

Ken was asked to get basic signs about social distancing to put up at all parks.

Actions items:

Ryan O’Neal moved and Travis Nadeau -seconded to approve financials.
Travis Nadeau – Yes
Richard Riekse – Yes
Ross Spyke – Yes
Ryan O’Neal – Yes
Karen Johnson – Yes
Financials approved.

Ryan O’Neal moved and Travis Nadeau -seconded to approve last month’s minutes.
Travis Nadeau – Yes
Richard Riekse – Yes
Ross Spyke – Yes
Ryan O’Neal – Yes
Karen Johnson – Yes
Minutes approved.

Discussion to seal coat & paint lines at parks. Ken still has an estimate. Tabled until next meeting.

Karen Johnson moved and Ross Spyke seconded to adjourn.

Meeting adjourned at 7:01 PM.

Next meeting Tuesday April 27, 2021 at 6:00PM at Township Hall.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Johnson