Arbor Circle Celebrates 25 Years

submitted by Onnika Bell, Marketing & Communications Manager, Arbor Circle

This year, Arbor Circle celebrates 25 years of providing mental health, substance use, and family services in the West Michigan community.

This year’s Spring Forward honoree is Arbor Circle founding board member, Neil Kimball. Kimball is a long-time supporter of Arbor Circle as well as a leader in both the business and non-profit sectors. Originally a member of the Child Guidance Clinic Board, Neil joined the Arbor Circle Board when the organization was formed as part of a merger of several agencies in 1996.

“The original goal of the new Arbor Circle was to combine the resources and talents of four smaller non-profits with compatible services into a larger more efficient and effective entity providing a broad range of services. The original four agencies were Family Impact, Mercy Respite Center, Grand Rapids Child Guidance Clinic, and the Advisory Center for Teens. AOS (Alcohol Outpatient Services) joined shortly after the original merger,” said Kimball. “The non-profit world was changing and it was difficult for small non-profits to obtain sufficient funding from grants and donations to provide their services to the people who needed it. I think the merger of these agencies resulted in a very strong and effective organization that is a real force for good in the West Michigan community.”

Kimball’s service as a board member is one example of the hundreds of friends and contributors who have helped fuel Arbor Circle over the last 25 years. “Mental health and recovery services are needed now more than ever and the need continues to grow,” shared Kimball. “Families and children are struggling and Arbor Circle continually strives to find the best ways to help them given the resources available.”

Arbor Circle is proud to partner with members of our local business community and individual supporters in honoring both Neil Kimball as well as the organization’s 25 years of service. The ongoing need for quality, accessible mental health services is significant, and through the support of the West Michigan community the organization looks with hope on the next 25 years.